I am currently running for political office as a member of Parliament for the Kabuchai Constituency of Bungoma County, Kenya — the term beginning January, 2013.

Are you tired of the poverty, sickness, hunger, ignorance, incalcitrant infrastructure corruption, mismanagement of taxpayers’ money, and the general suffering of the Kenyan people that you keep hearing about in the news?

Do you want to finally see longlasting positive change in Kenya?

Then please donate to the undersigned, a candidate for Kenya’s Parliament who sincerely wants to do something to change Kenya for the better, for generations to come.

Why give to my campaign? Give so that when I am in office I will make these changes so all of us can live better lives.

Please contact me with questions or to donate to my campaign:  (503) 810-9210 or email me at kutop@comcast.net

I need your support to finance my campaign throughout 2012, starting now.

My qualifications for running for office include participating in several community projects in Bungoma County, specifically in Chwele, Vihiga, and Kaimosi:

  • Construction of clinic in Chwele, Kenya was completed 2000
  • Construction of Chwele Community Center to be completed in 2012
  • Constructed Water Borehole in Chwele, Kenya
  • Constructed dining hall at Teremi High School in Kenya
  • Constructed library project at Teremi High School in Kenya
  • Established computer literacy project at Vihiga High School in Kenya
  • Established Friends University Kaimosi, Kenya

My education which qualifies me for this job include:  a Masters degree (M.P.A.) in Public Administration and Urban Planning from Portland State University (PSU). I earned my Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) also at PSU. 

My professional affiliations:  Past and present membership in the World Affairs Council of Oregon for quite some time. I also belonged to the United Nations Oregon Chapter to discuss United Nations issues for two years. These experiences have helped inform my interest and qualifications to serve in a governmental and political capacity in Kenya. 

For more information on these projects, please see the corresponding website called “Chwele” in this wordpress blogspace at:  chwele.wordpress.com which I have set up with my wife, Grace Kuto.

Every $5 you give to this campaign will be applied toward my political campaign going forward. In other words, small or large donations will all be welcome and very much appreciated. I need to raise $95,000 USD by February, 2012 in order to be able to run an honest campaign in Kenya including television and radio commercials, print ads and for public speaking engagements to familiarize the community with my name and campaign aspirations.

Please contact me with questions or to donate to my campaign:  (503) 810-9210 or by email at kutop@comcast.net

Thank you, -Paul Kuto